Physiotherapy Clinic – Providing Treatment to Patients

Holistic Touch is your best Physiotherapy clinic in Hong kong Which is getting the best team of physicians which help individuals affected by trauma, illness or disability through motion and exercise, manual therapy, education and guidance. They keep health for people of all ages, helping patients to control pain and protect against disease along with this they promote growth and facilitate healing, enabling people to remain in work whilst helping them to stay independent for as long as you can.

Holistic touch is your physical treatment and health clinic With best medical facilities, health care professionals and latest technology. It is the ideal physiotherapy center hong kong where you will get the best physiotherapist that are extremely friendly and are always prepared to learn your issue and are ready to serve you. We are also having featured clinical division which deals with numerous disorders. If you would like to consult our physician then it is possible to have an appointment with any of our expert doctors and you may feel free to talk about your problems together.


Holistic touch deals with a large group of individuals from children To elderly individuals, from men to women. So under a roof you can get multi-treatments as well as they are having rehab center so in case you would like to spent some of the time consulting with the physicians and even need some special sort of exercises then our expert are there to let you know the ideal way to do exercises. The majority of the problems arise because people are not aware of the ideal means to do exercise and just what they must eat in order that they can easily come to holistic touch where you can get decent physiotherapy clinic and decent nutritionist who will inform you that you need to eat right and decent amount and the diet should be balanced.

The pilates hong kong location of touch is also quite good it is simple to go there as the place is linked through roadways. The place is pleasant and calm also. The opening hour is also quite good we are here to serve you from Monday to Saturday and the timings are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Sundays we are also available with prior appointment. If you would like an excess information then it is easy to visit our contact form and can drop a email with any of the additional queries.