Beginning a Car Scrap Value Business Ideas

As the saying goes, one Man’s crap is another man’s treasure – and never has this been truer than when you are contemplating setting up a company from the ‘scrap’ industry. The truth is the Scrap Steel sector has grown rapidly over the past ten years with a raft of new global legislation with respect to recycling waste products to limit their environmental effect on disposal.

For instance, the EU has Imposed strict limitations on the amount of waste ending up in landfill sites – and implemented guidelines for the disposal of scrap vehicles.

How to make money from the Scrap Car Business:

There are a number of approved Scrap metal recycling centres around the UK – that will pay an amount per ton of scrap metal at the point of delivery. The earnings per ton of scrap metal varies – but is often in excess of #100 per ton. There’s a Massive demand for a Scrap Car collection and disposal services. More than two million cars reach the end of their life annually in the united kingdom. EU Guidelines now stipulate that more than 74 percent of the car has to be re-used or recycled.

When a person has a car That they want to eliminate, the car is often no more road worthy, no more guaranteed to be pushed – or both. Hence, the owner ought to get the automobile collected and disposed of for them – and this is where you come in. So as to incentivize the Flow of company, you might wish to make a little cash payment on collection of a scrap automobile. But often, people are just pleased to have a vehicle collected and disposed of for free.

car scrap value

The Simple Car Scrapping Process:

When you collect a car scrap value, you will need to run it via a devolution procedure before it can be brought to the scrap metal disposal facility. You start by draining all Fluids in the vehicle including petroleum, fuel, brake fluid etc and you remove the battery. Then you remove the wheels Including the spare – and some other big non-metallic fittings. There may be certain fittings you can sell on or reuse – so you need to pay close attention and understand what is of value. This frequently comes with experience.


A scrap automobile business is a great Business to setup, especially for anybody that is already in the auto repair trade. You will probably have all of the equipment you want to operate what could prove to be quite a lucrative business in your community region. Not only can it bring monetary benefits, but it also feels great to know that you are doing your part to help the environment.